Monday, June 05, 2006


The illustrator par excellance, Michael Ciccotello has pulled the trigger on a fantastic Web site for our new comic strip "Schmooze or Lose." It is now truly live with real content and an animated homepage! Please check it all out at:

Salute to Israel Parade
The annual Salute to Israel Parade was held in New York City Sunday. The parade is unique; it's the one day each year that Jews come together and complain about everything BUT Israel.

White House Arrest
The Secret Service says an apparently deranged man named Roger Witmer was arrested Sunday after he tried to climb over the White House fence. Witmer was later positively identified as the guy in the Homeland Security Department who decided to give more money to Omaha than New York City.

Terror Arrests
Canadian police say the 17 Muslim men arrested Saturday on terrorism conspiracy charges kept in touch via the Internet. That means 15 of them are dangerous killers, and the other two guys are a couple of idiots who thought they were in a gay Arab chat room.

Gore's Future
Al Gore says he's all but ruled out running for president in 2008, because he enjoys talking about global warming more. Of course, a Gore campaign and global warming are both impending disasters.

Haditha Outrage
Many critics are asking why the U.S. government didn't move quickly to learn the truth about the alleged massacre in Haditha and still isn't working fast enough... I guess those people never heard of New Orleans.

Hevesi Gaff
New York State Comptroller Alan Hevesi is in trouble for saying that "someone should put a bullet between President Bush's eyes." Critics say someone should aim for a part of the president that's actually working.


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