Wednesday, June 14, 2006


The latest (5th) installment in my Schmooze or Lose comic strip is now available online at the Schmooze or Lose Web site: Just click on "comics" on the homepage to read all the strips so far.

Every week, new strips premiere in the L.A. Jewish Journal on Fridays and then go live online the following Wednesday.


World Cup Stunner
Tunisia stunned and demoralized Saudi Arabia with a game-tying goal in the 93rd minute of Wednesday's World Cup match. Saudi Arabian leaders consoled themselves by buying Tunisia.

Top 5 Questions Anderson Cooper Should Have Asked Cher Tonight

5) “Where do you keep your original face?”

4) “‘Cher’ is a Cajun term of endearment used by people in New Orleans. By the way, what did you think of my work in New Orleans?”

3) “You cried so much at Sonny Bono’s funeral… kinda of like the way I cried when my brother committed suicide. Did you know my brother committed suicide?”

2) “Which do you think is more vacuous, your song lyrics or my book?”

1) “I’m pretty sure we have the same waist size… wanna switch pants?”

Bush on Iraq
President Bush is urging the American people to be patient on Iraq, noting that after his trip to Baghdad this week it's obvious to him that all we need to establish security in Iraq is to give everyone their own secret service detail.

Palestinian Hardship
Palestinians now face the third straight month without Western aid. It's getting so bad, the terrorists are having to buy used explosives on eBay.

UAW Election
The United Auto Workers have re-elected President Ron Gettelfinger to a second four-year term. Gettelfinger won over the rank-and-file members with his stirring promise to turn out the lights and lock the doors when everyone's gone for good.


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