Friday, June 25, 2004

Muscle Boy
Because of a genetic defect, a 4-year old German boy has grown huge muscles in his upper arms and thighs. Doctors say the boy should live a full life, but they're very worried he may one day become the Governor of California.

Cheney F-Bomb
In a stunning outburst, Vice President Dick Cheney told Democratic Senator Patrick Leahy to "f**k off" at a Senate picture-taking ceremony this week. But the Supreme Court has rushed out a 7-2 decision saying Cheney cannot be compelled to apologize.

Iacocca Back Kerry
Former Chrysler chief Lee Iacocca says he's backing John Kerry for president because he says, "Kerry will level with the American people." Iacocca's endorsement is expected to make a big difference, because if there's anyone who Americans trust with judging honesty, it's a former car salesman.


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