Thursday, June 17, 2004

NEWSDAY ALERT!!!! I am back in the "Punchlines" section of Newsday today. What made the joke funnier in the print edition is the picture of Hugh Jackman in "The Boy from Oz" that they inserted. Here's the link:

Click this link to see how my Cookie Monster piece ran in The Fake News Fake News

Click this link to see the hilarious things people are saying as they review my cookie monster story: Forum

Healthcare Crisis
A new report says 82 million Americans are now without medical insurance. But this is actually good news for the Bush administration, because now the only way to get affordable health care is to join the army.

Saddam Staying Put
It turns out the U.S. is not turning over Saddam Hussein to the new Iraqi government. President Bush is throwing them a bone by offering them another mad power-hungry leader, but the Iraqis aren't interested in getting Howard Dean.

Menopause Test
A new genetic test is helping doctors predict exactly which women are undergoing the early stages of menopause. But this is only slightly more accurate than old test, which identified women as menopausal as soon as they began looking and sounding like Bea Arthur.

Southern Baptists Bolt
The Southern Baptist Convention voted this week to quit the Baptist World Alliance, which members found to be too liberal. The group will now only be known by it's other title: The Republican Party.


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