Friday, June 18, 2004

Web Alert!! In a nod to my continuing crusade to even the score on political humor, the website is running some of my John Kerry jokes. Check them out at: John Kerry Jokes

Bush Insists
Despite the 9/11 Commission's report proving no relationship between Saddam Hussein and Mohammed Atta, President Bush still insists there was a connection. Other questionable things President Bush believes:

-"Garfield the Movie," is the most important and moving film since "The Passion"

-The Mets are still in the pennant race

-Those 1,500 elderly Jews in Miami really did mean to vote for Pat Buchanan in 2000

-Bert and Ernie are "just friends"

-He doesn't need to look for another job right now

Father's Day Study
A new study shows that men with children under 18 are most likely to enjoy continued career success. Bill Clinton is responding to the news by trying to adopt Lindsay Lohan.

Clinton Admission
In his new book, Bill Clinton admitted he pursued the affair with Monica Lewinsky, "just because he could." In a related story, President Bush says he won't be reading Clinton's new book, "just because he can't."


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