Monday, June 21, 2004

Web Alert!! The satirical website Enduring Vision has published a new story I've written at: Enduring Vision

AND my Cookie Monster/Atkins story is still one of the hottest links on the web! In fact, it's the first thing that comes up when you type: "Cookie Monster" on Google News. For those of you who haven't seen it yet, here is the link: Cookie Story

Rowland Quitting
Embattled Connecticut Governor John Rowland is resigning. Experts say Rowland's willingness to move out of the Governor's Mansion can only mean one thing: his new summer home is finally ready!

Clinton on Hillary
Bill Clinton told "60 Minutes" he never could have won the presidency without marrying Hillary... something John Kerry can't understand because he's absolutely sure Hillary doesn't have $500 million.

Clinton on Starr
On "60 Minutes" last night, Bill Clinton blasted former prosecutor Ken Starr saying "all the public got for its $70 million was evidence of my personal failure with Monica Lewinsky." But most Americans think that's a bargain compared to the $80 billion it's costing us to get evidence of President Bush's personal failings with Iraq.

Al Qaeda Claim
A pro-Al Qaeda Web site claims the Saudi Army secretly aided the terror group in its latest kidnapping. But the U.S. sees this as good news since anyone looking for help FROM the Saudi Army must really be getting desperate.

Saudi Moves
In a new crackdown on terrorists, the Saudi Kingdom plans to do the following things:

-From now on, no more cash payments to terrorists... checks only

-Switching pro-terrorist telethons from free government channel to cable

-Cutting back on phys. ed, art and music at all Anti-American madrassahs

-From now on, all terrorists have to make their own beds and clean their own rooms when they stay at the royal palace

-Jacking up gas prices to $2.50 a gallon so Americans will stop wanting to buy gas and indirectly funding terrorists... oh wait, we did that already!


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