Monday, September 03, 2007

WWE Investigation
After an intense steroid investigation, the WWE has suspended eleven wrestlers... for NOT using steroids.

Labor Day
Monday is the Labor Day Holiday; an extra day off for American union leaders to make useless campaign donations.

Michigan Shocked
Tiny Appalachian State shocked Michigan in a 34-32 football win Saturday. Even more shocking was the fact that Appalachian State students didn't celebrate by overturning cars and setting fires.

Michigan Shocked II
A day after losing to tremendous underdog Appalachian State, the University of Michigan football team is still trying to figure out what happened. Recruiting an entire freshmen class that could actually read was probably their first mistake.

Craig Quits
Idaho Senator Larry Craig has finally announced his resignation. Craig says he's looking forward to his new career as a men's room attendant.

15-Year-Old Freshman
15-year-old Brittney Exline began her college career this weekend as she entered the University of Pennsylvania. This means that Exline is obviously an extraordinary student... it also means that every guy who hits on her is going to need a good lawyer.


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