Thursday, September 15, 2011

Up in Smoke
New York City's smoking rate has hit a new low of 14%. It was 22% just 10 years ago. They died.

Solyndra Panic
Newly released emails show the White House was really only worried that the $535 million bankruptcy at Solyndra would hurt the president's re-election chances in 2012. Other emails show the administration was only worried that Hurricane Irene might mess up Michele Obama's hair.

Going Postal
The Postal Service is outlining more proposed cuts, including scrapping hundreds of mail distribution centers and cutting its transport network. In other words, you'll probably keep your local post office, there just won't be any mail in it.

Pill Recall
Qualitest Pharmaceuticals has issued a nationwide recall of millions of birth control pills. The entire NBA is really nervous right now.

Vick Fans
A new poll that many football fans in Atlanta are still rooting for Michael Vick... especially the cats.

September 16th

1776: American Revolutionary War: the Battle of Harlem Heights is fought. British troops survive but lose most of their car radios.

1880: The Cornell Daily Sun prints its first issue. The Sun is the nation's oldest, continuously-independent college daily in the United States... and thus it has been used to roll more joints than any other paper.

1959: The first successful photocopier, the Xerox 914, is introduced. It's first paper jam occurs five minutes later.


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