Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Border Accident
The border crossing between Tijuana and San Diego has been closed after a canopy collapsed on some cars on the U.S. side of the border. So THAT's why President Obama wants to improve our infrastructure: to make it easier for illegal aliens to get here!

UAW Deal
The UAW has just made a contract extension deal with GM: GM will keep pretending to make cars people want to buy and the UAW workers will keep pretending to care.

UBS Scandal
One 31-year-old trader at UBS has been arrested after placing a rogue trade that cost the bank $2 billion. As soon as he gets out of jail, he's got a job as the new economic advisor for the Obama administration.

Obama Approval
President Obama's approval rating in California has falled to 46%. But this is California, so the other 54% actually probably don't know who Barack Obama is.

GOP and the Jews
Republicans are hoping to seize on unhappiness among some Jewish voters over the president’s treatment of Israel. In fact, Israel is the thing most Jewish voters are talking about when then on the unemployment line.

September 15th

668: Eastern Roman Emperor Constans II is assassinated in his bath... it's nice when murderers keep things clean.

1947: RCA releases the 12AX7 vacuum tube. It takes three years before it is used for something other than pornographic purposes.

1952: The United Nations gives Eritrea to Ethiopia. Second prize was two Eritrea's.


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