Wednesday, September 14, 2011

A Republican candidate actually won a special Congressional election last night in a New York City district. This would be the top local story but also last night, several Yankees fans were heard saying nice things about the Mets.

Solyndra Scandal
Newly discovered emails show the White House rushed the Energy Department to make a $500 loan to a failing solar company in 2009. Luckily, the administration sent the money via the Postal Service, so it probably never got there.

Xanax Alert
More and more county hospitals are no longer dispensing the calming drug Xanax, because all they do all day is deal with people demanding Xanax. They found the same effect can be achieved simply by allowing ER security guard to zap people with a stun gun.

Reid Lukewarm
Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid says he's in no hurry to bring President Obama's jobs bill up for a vote. But he does say it will happen before Obama is looking for a new job in January, 2013.

Water Stories
A California water utility paid $200K in public money for positive web stories to be written about it and put on the Internet... because you know, water company stories are on the 'net are HOT!

September 14th

1959: The Soviet probe Luna 2 crashes onto the Moon. The Soviets and the Moon spend the next several hours exchanging insurance information.

1960: The Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries, known as OPEC, is founded. It's second choice for a name was "The Legion of Doom."

1998: Telecommunications companies MCI Communications and WorldCom complete their $37 billion merger to form a busy signal.


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