Saturday, July 23, 2011

NFL Deal
The good news is owners and players have finally made a deal to end the NFL lockout. The better news is that now there are a 100 350-pound linemen freed up to sit on all the politicians in Washington until they make a budget deal.

Market Reaction
The lack of a debt deal in Washington is threatening to disrupt the stock market... but not as much as all the fantasy football drafts scheduled for later this week.

Flight to Safety
With all of the debt problems in the U.S., Swiss francs have become a new favorite for investors... but mostly because about half of those investors think they're covered in chocolate.

Coin Offer
A New Jersey coin dealer group is offering the U.S. government $20 million for the 10 golden eagle coins the feds took from a family in Philadelpia. It could work out because even though the coins are worth $80 million, a $60 million loss for the government isn't so bad these days!

Affirmative Action Request
The state of Michigan wants an entire federal appeals court to drop what it's doing and decide on its ban on Affirmative Action. The state needs speedy action because it just doesn't make sense to start the U of M's training camp before there's a decision.

July 25th

864: Charles the Bald orders defensive measures against the Vikings... and a blitz against the Rams.

1593: Henry IV of France publicly converts from Protestantism to Roman Catholicism... and thus gets kicked out of the Shady Hills Country Club.

1868: Wyoming becomes a United States territory... a huge victory for the local ruling paerty of sheep and bison.


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