Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Shariah Banking Crash
Muslim-friendly "Shariah banking" investments are crashing in markets across the world. Investors are learning the hard way that buying stocks in exploding cars isn't the way to go.

Cost of Obamacare
The non-partisan Congressional Budget Office says the Democrats' health care overhaul will cost $1 trillion over the next 10 years.... slightly less than what Cher and Joan Rivers plan to spend on plastic surgery next year alone.

Saab Deal
GM has sold Saab to a Swedish automaker. GM is not accepting any money in the deal, but it is taking Sweden's valuable advice on how to commit suicide.

Missile Defense
Even as North Korea expands its nuclear missile program, the Obama administration is cutting U.S. missile defenses. But with this economy, we can always destroy the North Korean missiles with empty planes from U.S. airways.

Iran Recount?
Iran's Islamic leadership say it's prepared to conduct a limited recount of disputed presidential election ballots. Everyone who feels their vote was not counted can report to several firing squad... er, polling places around the country.


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