Wednesday, June 10, 2009

New President
Gabon's senate chief has been sworn in as interim president following death of President Omar Bongo. Despite the upheaval, the new leader is promising not to miss a beat.

Climate Change Refugees
A new study shows that climate change could create 200 million refugees world wide by the year 2050... most of those refugees will be displaced people hoping to avoid annoying environmental protesters.

Taylor Goes Out
Elizabeth Taylor went to the Hollywood Bowl to hear Andrea Bocelli in concert last night, it was the first outing in months for the big-screen legend. In a related story, a 20-foot whale has been spotted three times this week in Los Angeles' Marina del Rey.

Vick Bankruptcy
A federal judge in Virginia has told Michael Vick that he has less than a month to draft a new plan for getting out of bankruptcy. The judge also told Vick he needs to come up with something other than a proposed dog-walking business.

Asian Quota
The University of California system is working to cut down on the number of Asian students at all its colleges... it turns out too many of them were being eaten by USC's offensive linemen.


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