Thursday, May 28, 2009

Fishing Boat Rescue
The Mexican navy rescued five Ecuadorians who had been adrift without supplies in a fishing boat for more than two weeks. But the rescue went awry when most of the Mexican sailors asked the Ecuadorians for a job.

Serious Threats
The U.S. is warning that it will respond to North Korea's nuclear threat... just as soon as it deals with the threat to "Jon and Kate Plus 8."

Stoned Criminals
A new study shows that half of the men arrested in the U.S. test positive for illegal drugs. The other half were drunk.

AOL Spinoff
Time Warner is set to spin off AOL sometime this week. It's marketing slogan will be: "AOl: We're the New GM!"

Stimulus Whine
Michigan is complaining that it hasn't received much of the stimulus money... I guess that $50 billion we just spent for a worthless auto company doesn't count.


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