Monday, December 01, 2008

Clinton Disclosure
Bill Clinton has agreed to disclose the names of all the donors to his private charity to pave the way for wife Hillary to get the secretary of state job. It turns out the former president's top supporters are the makers of Viagra and penicillin.

Shopping Strong
Despite dire predictions of consumer pullbacks, the post-Thanksgiving retail numbers are much stronger than predicted. If this keeps up, a few dozen more Wal-Mart workers can look forward to getting trampled to death by next week!

Burress Gun Charge
N.Y. Giants receiver Plaxico Burress will face felony charges after shooting himself in the leg at a Manhattan club Friday night. The NFL only allows Burress to carry a gun when he's being covered by Pacman Jones.

Bangkok Airport Protests
Anti-government protesters in Thailand have left more than 300,000 people stranded at the Bangkok airport. We haven't seen bedlam like that at an American airport since the day before Thanksgiving.

Ignored Warnings
More and more evidence is coming to light that the Bush Administration was warned more than two years ago that a mortgage-centered economic disaster was on the way. Unfortunately, when the White House heard the word "disaster," it thought those economists were talking about hurricanes.


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