Monday, November 24, 2008

Citigroup "Saved"
The government has announced a massive rescue package for Citigroup. Washington is demanding serious concessions from the firm in return, including a new requirement that all its investment bankers prove they can use a calculator.

The government bailot of Citigroup means it control the new CitiField ballpark. It also means the next Washington will have to bailout is the Mets bullpen.

Because of the government takeover, Mets fans going to games at the new CitiField
will see some big changes. Ticket prices in all levels will be cut, except for fans making more than $250,000 per-year, who will have to pay twice as much.

Late Payments
The bad news is more Americans are late with their car payments and the number is rising. The good news is none of the American car companies will be around to collect anyway.


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