Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Hurricane Stronger
Hurricane Dolly has been upgraded to a catagory 2 storm as it swirls above South Padre Island. Of course everything seems to be swirling around faster after you spend a few hours on South Padre Island.

Bush Slams Wall Street
A new video shows President Bush saying our economic woes are because "Wall Street got drunk." In reaction to those comments, shares of liquor and wine stocks are up 15% in the pre-market.

Jobs Sick
Rumors are swirling about a possible illness that has Apple CEO Steve Jobs appearing frighteningly thin. Before that, the only thing that made Jobs and Apple look bad was AT&T.

Mets Choke
The Mets blew a 5-2 9th inning lead last night as three relievers couldn't get anyone out. Apparently the only person who can close out a night properly at Shea Stadium is Paul McCartney.

WaMu Losses
The bad news is that Washington Mutual bank has reported a $3.3 billion quarterly loss yesterday. The good news is the bank still has $3.4 billion in toasters.


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