Monday, January 14, 2008

When Hillary Attacks
Hillary Clinton is accusing the Obama campaign of injecting race into the presidential elections. She's demanding that Obama stop being black right away.

Cowboys Upset
The New York Giants stunned the Dallas Cowboys with a win in their divisional playoff game Sunday. In retrospect, it appears Dallas quarterback Tony Romo's decision to date Jessica Simpson wasn't as much of a problem as his coaches' decision to let her call his plays.

Pakistani Worries
Following the assassination of Benazir Bhutto, Pakistanis say they are now mostly worried about the economy... because in Pakistan, when your mortgage blows up, it really blows up.

Bush on Iran
President Bush is urging the Arab people to resist Iran's ambitions to control the Middle East. But with Tehran offering great things like suicide AND nuclear devastation, who can resist?

Michigan Concerns
Two days before the Michigan primary, people there say jobs are their main concern... not a surprise in a state where the two top jobs are foreclosure agent and arsonist.

Rat Heart Cloned
Researchers at the University of Minnesota have successfully recreated a rat heart in a laboratory... good news for the world's lawyers, but not really for anyone else.


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