Thursday, January 10, 2008

Kerry for Obama
John Kerry is endorsing Barack Obama for president... which might mean something if Kerry knew anything about running for president.

GOP in Michigan
Most of the Republican presidential candidates are campaigning in Michigan before this Tuesday's primary. No one has seen that many white men on the streets of Detroit in 65 years.

New Car
India's Tata Motors plans to sell a car for just $2,500... deeply undercutting American plastic surgeons who are charging more than $6,000 for new tatas.

Bloomberg Jumping In?
New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg is reportedly closer to entering the presidential race. Bloomberg plans to spend $1 billion on his campaign, mostly for lessons on how to cry on cue.

Spidey Split
Peter Parker and Mary Jane Watson are getting a divorce. Mary Jane didn't buy Peter's story about being a superhero when she caught him wearing tights and swinging all over town.

Bag Ban
China is banning plastic shopping bags... thus putting the 17 million Chinese people who make plastic shopping bags out of work.


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