Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Google Wedding
Google co-founder Larry Page is getting married next month. He chose his wife after her name came up first in seven separate Google searches.

Page is reportedly worth $20 billion... which explains why the #1 Google search this week is: "Pre-Nuptial Agreement."

Money Market Fears
A new report says usually rock-solid money market funds are no longer safe for investors... which would frighten most Americans if they weren't already spending all their money on gas anyway.

Blackwater Killings
Federal agents have found that the killings of 14 of the 17 Iraqi civilians shot by Blackwater Security were unjustified. The other three killings were justified because those victims reportedly didn't recycle.

Trade Deficit
The weaker dollar is reportedly hurting the Canadian marijuana industry. The good news is that one dollar bills are now cheaper than rolling paper.

Open Fed
Chairman Ben Bernanke is promising that the Fed will be more open from now on. Future interest rate decisions will include additional information like Bernake's personal iPod playlist and his "turn ons" and "turn offs."


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