Monday, November 12, 2007

Turkey Day Flying
A new report says that 27 million Americans will jam airports this Thanksgiving... 20 million of them will actually be travellers still delayed from last Thanksgving.

Foreign Students
A new report shows that the U.S. is seeing the first increases in foreign students since 2001. The dollar is so weak, it is now cheaper for Europeans to go to Harvard than to sign up for an Internet correspondence course.

Big Robbery
Thieves stole more than $75,000 in cash from an elderly couple in Manhattan this week. In New York, that's the kind of money that can buy you two dinners and maybe horse ride in Central Park.

Russian Sea Accident
Rescuers today recovered the bodies of three sailors after a Russian freighter sank near the Black Sea. The U.S. Navy is offering to help, but only if they agree to save the oil first.

SF Oil Spill
Workers on a ship that collided with a bridge triggering an oil spill in San Francisco Bay has been detained for drug and alcohol testing. Each member of the crew will be thrown into the Bay and asked to swim a straight line.

Muslim Car
A Malaysian automaker is considering an Iranian proposal to design a car exclusively for Muslims. The vehicle would feature compasses that point toward Mecca, special compartments for the Koran and prayer scarves, and will explode every time they come within 500 yards of American or Israeli civilians.


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