Wednesday, November 07, 2007

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Weak Dollar
The dollar is so weak, a small tube of toothpaste in Europe now costs $7.50... luckily for most Europeans, a small tube of toothpaste should last about 6-7 years.

A Big Mac in London will cost you about $17. Just think of it as a pre-paid co-pay for your cardiologist.

Sarkozy in the U.S.
French President Nicolas Sarkozy is in the U.S. today for meeting with President Bush, Congress, and a really good American divorce lawyer.

Robertson Picks Rudy
Televangelist Pat Robertson is endorsing Rudy Giuliani for president. Robertson had a change of heart about the pro-choice Giuliani after a recent visit to a New York movie theater filled with screaming babies.

Jeffs Suicide Attempt
Court documents say that polygamist sect leader Warren Jeffs tried to hang himself earlier this year while he was awaiting trial... or visits from his 17 mothers-in-law, it's not clear which.

Working Better
U.S. worker productivity increased at the strongest rate in four years this summer, thanks to improved technology, better training, and stricter workplace rules against Internet porn.


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