Sunday, October 28, 2007

The Giants beat the Dolphins Sunday in the first-ever regular season NFL game played in London. The local fans quickly got behind the players; forming a bond with them when they saw they needed the same amount of dental work.

The final score of the game was 13-10... sparking riots in the streets as the British soccer hooligans refused to accept such a high-scoring game.

Gaza Power Cut Off
Israel is starting to cut off the power supply to Gaza in response to two years of Hamas rocket attacks from that region. Hamas is responding by trying to figure out how to make a bomb out of ethanol.

Haiti Storm
A powerful tropical storm is headed straight for Haiti... for its sake, let's hope the storm is wearing a condom.

Royal Blackmail
Two men have been charged with trying to blackmail an unnamed member of the royal family after they obtained an illicit sex tape. At this time all we know is that the tape was not of Charles and Camilla, because in that case even the British tabloids would have paid NOT to see it.

Merrill CEO Out?
After losing almost $8 billion in the subprime mortgage mess, the CEO of Merrill Lynch is reportedly stepping down. With that kind of track record, he finally realized he really should be working in Congress.


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