Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Wildfires Latest
Thousands of evacuees in the San Diego area are being sent to Qualcomm Stadium... because that idea worked so well when they sent people to the Super Dome during Katrina.

The evacuee center set up at Qualcomm Stadium will force the San Diego Chargers to play this Sunday's game on the road. Oh Lord, when will the devastation end!

War Costs
A new study says the cost of the war in Iraq will be about $2.4 trillion... but that's not including tip.

Dolans Stuffed
Cablevision shareholders have rejected the Dolan family's move to take the company private. Investors realized that no matter how private the company becomes, there's still no way to hide the Knicks from the general public.

China Launch
China launched its first lunar probe into space today, hoping the lunar surface will yield a new source of poisonous lead paint.


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