Monday, October 15, 2007

Peace Talks
Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice says the time for a Palestinian state is now... because if there's one thing the Arab people need, it's another Islamic dictatorship with no economy, resources, or sanity.

Israeli and Palestinian negotiators are involved in the most serious peace effort in "many, many years." It's so serious, Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas has pledged not to buy another $3,000 suit with his starving peoples' money until a deal is on the table.

Ad Spending
Spending on political TV ads will exceed $3 billion this presidential election. Well, I'm for anything that gets that "Head On" commercial off the air.

Nobel Prize Winners
Americans Leonid Hurwicz, Eric Maskin and Roger Myerson won the Nobel prize in economics on Monday for developing a theory that helps explain how incentives and private information affect business transactions. Accordingly, the three winners plan to spend the $1.5 million in prize money on the secret 2-for-1 drinks deal at TGI Friday's.

AOL Layoffs
AOL announced today that it is cutting its global work force by an additional 2,000 jobs as it continues a transition from the world's leading Internet access provider to the world's leading provider of emails about penis enlargement.

Big Breakfast
Hardee's is now offering a 920-calorie breakfast burrito. It's targeted at the growing segment of the American public that wants to be dead before lunch.


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