Monday, October 22, 2007

DEA Chief Quits
The head of the DEA is leaving her job to become a senior VP at Motorola... a logical move since most drug deals are conducted on Motorola phones and pagers.

iPod Growth
iPods now make up 70% of the digital music market... the other 30% have devices they accidentally picked up while thinking they were shoplifting an iPod.

Turkey Invasion?
The United States is doing everything it can to stop Turkey from invading northern Iraq. That's right, it's not like we need anyone's help over there.

College Costs
The average cost of a year's tuition at a private U.S. college is now more than $32,000. Well, someone has to pay for security for all the crazed dictators the faculty invites to speak on campus.

New Osama Tape
In a new audio tape, Al-Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden calls for Iraqi insurgents to unite and avoid "extremism." Just how crazy do you have to be for Osama bin Laden to become the voice of moderation?


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