Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Lohan Busted
Just days after leaving rehab, Lindsay Lohan has been arrested and charged with drunk driving and cocaine possession in Santa Monica. After seeing what it did for Paris Hilton's image, Lohan obviously has decided she needs a few weeks in jail.

Vick Barred
Michael Vick has been ordered to stay away from Falcons training camp while the NFL conducts its own investigation into his alleged dog fighting operation. Meanwhile, the NBA is looking into charges that some of the dog fights may have been refereed by Tim Donaghy.

Zahn Leaving
Paula Zahn has announced her departure from CNN. In order to improve ratings during her 8PM slot, CNN is replacing her with a test pattern.

Dow Drops
DuPont was the biggest loser as the Dow Jones lost more than 200 points Tuesday. Investors are worried that DuPont is being beaten in the competitive dangerous chemical market by Chinese pet food manufacturers.

MySpace Sex Offenders
MySpace says it's helped police identify more than 29,000 sex offenders on it site. Usually to make that many sex crime busts, the cops have to visit the Neverland Ranch.

Starbucks Raises Prices
Starbucks is raising prices for its coffee and other drinks by 9 cents, citing rising dairy costs, minimum wage hikes, and the fact that it's always been very jealous of Exxon.

Northwest Cancellations
Due to a labor dispute-related pilot shortage, Northwest Airlines is cancelling a huge number of flights today. If they're lucky, today's Northwest passengers will be informed by Friday.


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