Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Ratings Clash
NBC's Sunday night NFL game easily beat ABC's controversial "The Path to 9/11" TV movie in the ratings. In a related story, nobody chose Madeline Albright or Sandy Berger in the anti-terrorism fantasy draft.

Top 5 Signs the Networks Overdid the 9/11 Anniversary Coverage

5) Katie Couric had her teeth darkened

4) While talking about where he was when the attacks occurred, Anderson Cooper admitted he was "in the can"

3) Bill O'Reilly observed a moment of silence, and a 15-minute "no sexual harassment" period

2) Brian Williams put down his scripts at precisely 6:35pm and ordered all his viewers to "start crying now!"

1) Viewers were so sick of it all they were actually relieved to see the "Head On" commercial again

Today's TV
After flooding the airwaves with 5th anniversary coverage of 9/11/01, Tuesday's cable news channels plan 16-straight hours of 5th anniversary coverage of 9/12/01.

Gay Republican
Republican state Senator Paul Koering of Minnesota faces a tough primary challenge Tuesday because he has recently come out as a gay man. But if he loses, he does have a future as a GOP plant in the White House press corps.

Religion Survey
A new survey of religion in the U.S. finds people have very different images of God —from a wrathful deity thundering at sinful humanity to a distant power uninvolved in mankind's affairs... and then there are the people who believe in the Da Vinci Code.

Palestinian Deal
The Palestinian Authority president, Mahmoud Abbas, said Monday that he had reached a tentative agreement with Hamas to form a national unity government. It turns out Jew-hating really does bring people together!

Mysterious Death
Anna Nicole Smith's son has been found dead. Police suspect he died of prolonged embarrassment.


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