Sunday, July 24, 2005

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NYC Cameras?
In the wake of the London bombings, many New Yorkers are calling for more cameras on city subways. But really, isn't there enough filth on TV already?

Random Checks
Even though New York City cops are now randomly searching people with bags on the subway, most commuters aren't getting annoyed. They got used to it during last summer's Republican National Convention, and this time they don't have to deal with any annoying Republicans!

Top 5 Suspicious Things to be on the Lookout for on the New York City Subway

5) Panhandlers who actually accept food instead of money

4) Anyone with a seat who doesn't pretend to be asleep when elderly or pregnant women get on the train

3) Subway conductor who makes announcements you can understand

2) Anyone under 70 without an iPod

1) An actual token clerk

Armstrong Wins Again
Lance Armstrong has closed out his cycling career by winning a record 7th straight Tour De France. Armstrong now faces an even tougher challenge as the White House has hired him to teach President Bush how to stay on his bike without falling down.

Armstrong Retiring
Now that his cycling career is over, Lance Armstrong says he's looking forward to hanging out on the beach and drinking beers for a long time... which is why Sheryl Crow is now also his trainer and not just his girlfriend.

The heads of four member unions say they're boycotting this week's A.F.L.-C.I.O. convention because of the leadership's failure to halt the decades-long slide of organized labor. But really, they're just angry that the convention organizers didn't schedule enough paid lunch breaks.


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