Monday, May 30, 2005

Memorial Day
On this Memorial Day, President Bush is reminding the nation that America’s war dead were just “ordinary folks” who did their duty. The “extraordinary folks” were the ones who got those no-show National Guard slots like he did.

Top 5 Things Americans Try to Remember on Memorial Day

5) Those days when gas was less than $2.50 a gallon

4) Where the heck we put the hot dog buns

3) Where we put that shopping list for the mall

2) A good excuse to leave the family cookout early

1) Why the Hell we went to war in Iraq

France EU Vote
French voters resoundingly voted against establishing closer ties with their European neighbors in a national referendum this weekend. The vote offers the first evidence that the European Union may be moving too fast, and that the French people really do just hate everybody.

Clinton Tired?
Former President Clinton is denying reports that his tour of the tsunami-ravaged areas in Asia is leaving him exhausted. But insiders do say he goes to bed every night muttering: “so many widows, so little time.”


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