Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Ethical Pharmacists
More and more pharmacists are refusing to sell "morning after" birth control pills on ethical grounds. They say selling the pill is tantamount to abortion, encourages irresponsible sexual behavior, and gets in the way of ethical things like selling vital heart medications for $200 a bottle.

Top 5 Reasons ABC is Dropping Monday Night Football

5) New Disney CEO Bob Iger eager to prove he's as big an ass as Michael Eisner

4) Network needs to cut costs to keep paying Jim Belushi's meal allowance

3) Dropping football gives network 3 more hours to broadcast "Desperate Housewives" reruns

2) Football players getting hit in the crotch cannibalizes best parts of "America's Funniest Home Videos"

1) If you want to watch a bunch of guys running around like idiots, you can still watch "The Bachelorette"

Walking Man
A New York man has personally walked every block of Manhattan over the last two and a half years... not because he's interested in the city, it's just that he's still looking for a place that will let him use the bathroom without buying something first.

Ticket Mistake
Due to a Web site glitch, US Airways mistakenly sold round-trip flights for $1.86 to more than 1,000 customers over the weekend. But because it's US Airways, most of the passengers still overpaid.

Whale's Return
The wayward whale that has spent a week swimming along the banks of a New Jersey river is headed back toward open water. Experts say that after being in New Jersey for seven days, the whale is not likely to seek out human contact ever again.

McCartney Tour
Paul McCartney has announced a new North American concert schedule beginning this fall. The tour is meant to help McCartney reconnect with fans, promote his new CD, and buy the cheaper prescription drugs he needs in Canada.

Grad Student Strikes
Grad student teaching assistants at Yale and Columbia are on strike this week. But the schools say the walkout won't have much of an effect because with the weather getting warmer, no one is coming to class anymore this semester anyway.


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