Saturday, February 05, 2005

Pope Better
Pope John Paul II continues to recover and is expected to deliver his public prayers tomorrow. The Pope just has to get more rest, do some routine tests, and wait for the Lord to make sure Terrell Owens is healthy enough to play in the Super Bowl.

Super Hopes
The odds seem to be against a great Super Bowl tomorrow. There's a good chance it will be a blowout on the field, the halftime show is being toned down, and the Sunnis continue to boycott the whole thing.

Oldest New Citizens
A 103-year old Brooklyn man originally from Colombia, and his 91-year old wife finally became U.S. citizens today. The couple is already fitting in with their fellow Americans; singing American songs, eating American food, and vowing to stop President Bush from changing Social Security.

Bush on Radio
Experts say President Bush's decision to take his Social Security fight to the radio today was a brilliant move. Not because he said anything new, but because he disguised his voice to sound like Paul Harvey.

Spam Scam
A former America Online employee pleaded guilty yesterday to swiping a list of 92 million E-mail screen names and selling them to spammers. The only way an AOL employee could get so many email names is by taking them from the list of people who were canceling America Online.


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