Wednesday, February 23, 2005

New Show
The Learning Channel is doing a new home remodeling show for gay couples... it's called "Outhouse."

Civil Marriage
Prince Charles and Camilla Parker Bowles are going to have a civil marriage ceremony, confusing many who thought British law required royals to be married in the "eyes of God." But legal experts say a non-religious marriage is okay, because even God doesn't want to look at them.

Royal No-Show
Buckingham Palace insists Queen Elizabeth's decision not to attend the civil marriage ceremony for Prince Charles and Camilla Parker Bowles is not a snub. If she really disliked Camilla, the Queen would just have her killed like she did to Diana.

Top 5 Real Reasons Queen Elizabeth is Skipping Charles and Camilla's Wedding

5) Hates it when the band makes everyone get up and do the "Chicken Dance"

4) Let's face it, British food sucks

3) Too worried to see what outfit Prince Harry will wear

2) Yankees-Red Sox game is on satellite that day

1) It'll make things less awkward when they get divorced

Dell #1
A new survey of corporate executives names Dell Computer as the most admired company in America. Business people love Dell's management philosophy, productivity, and how it showed them all how easy it is to ship all the good jobs to India.

NIH Probe
National Institutes of Health investigators have cleared 80% of its doctors suspected of secret deals with pharmaceutical companies. Officials say the researchers couldn't have made any hidden agreements with the drug companies because they already had secret deals with the insurance companies.


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