Wednesday, March 31, 2004

Teen Workers
As part of his campaign to teach teenagers the truth about employment in his country, Thailand’s Prime Minister has sent his 17 year-old daughter to work at a McDonald’s in Bangkok. Not to be outdone, President Bush is teaching his daughters Jenna and Barbara about employment in America by sending them to work in India.

Greenspan Attack
The stock market was rocked today when rumors spread that Fed Chairman Alan Greenspan had suffered a heart attack. It turns out Greenspan isn't having real cardiac trouble, but he is being advised not to look at the Bush administration's budget plans for at least another few days.

Sleep Deprivation
A new survey shows too many children aren't getting enough sleep. Doctors say that while this a troubling problem, they are much more worried about the hundreds of kids who are spending too much time sleeping at Michael Jackson's house.

New Group
A new self-help group called Clutterless Recovery Group has started to help people who have trouble cleaning up their homes and getting rid of their stuff. The organization is also known as "divorce lawyers."

Kimmel F-Bomb
ABC apologized this week after its censors failed to bleep out the F-word during Friday’s broadcast of Jimmy Kimmel Live. The network admits it would have been even worse if anybody actually watched "Jimmy Kimmel Live."


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