Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Bryant Demand
Kobe Bryant is demanding to be traded from the Lakers... something that will be a little difficult since he's the only player on the team.

Married Yankees third baseman Alex Rodriguez was photographed spending the night and entering a Toronto hotel last night with a buxom blonde... and I thought he had trouble hitting curves.

TB Traveler
The man infected with a drug-resistant form of TB knew he was not supposed to travel overseas but did so several times anyway. Of course, anyone crazy enough to fly on the airlines these days probably doesn't care about anything anyway.

Lost Whales
Two lost whales last seen near the Golden Gate Bridge slipped back into the Pacific Ocean overnight. Marine biologists had been trying for two weeks to get them back into the ocean, but a few minutes of seeing what was going on in downtown San Francisco finally did the trick.

Thompson in the Race
Republican Fred Thompson will enter the race for president, despite the fact that most Americans only know him from his role on "Law and Order." Of course, Democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton is mostly known from her recurring role on "Desperate Housewives."

Iran Nukes
Two Iranian diplomats say Tehran recently considered a partial suspension of uranium enrichment... but decided against it when they realized all they really want to do is scare Jews.


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