Wednesday, February 21, 2007

British Retreat
Prime Minister Tony Blair has announced plans to remove 1,500 British soldiers from Iraq by the end of the year. Blair is reducing the total troops levels to make it a little easier for tabloid photographers to find Prince Harry.

Top 5 Reasons for the Blair's Retreat from Iraq

5) Local police need more firepower to subdue soccer hooligans

4) Re-deploying troops to the Bahamas to protect Anna Nicole Smith's home

3) Need more troops to protect domestic food supply from Fergie

2) While the army's abroad, there are actually more Muslims in London than Christians

1) Needs at least 1,500 troops to protect him once he leaves office

Gates on Computer Time
Bill Gates said this week that he limits the amount of time his 10 year-old daughter can spend on the computer to 45 minutes a day for games. But he does allow her 5-6 hours a day to wait for the bugs to work out of Microsoft Vista.

"Happy" Victim
A Wisconsin man he fell 16 stories and survived says he is "thankful" he can't remember any of the details of his fall... not as happy as his insurance company is.

Gallaudet Threat
Education officials are warning that Gallaudet University, the only U.S. university for the deaf, may lose its accreditation because of a lack of tolerance on campus for varying views... which is only allowed at Ivy League universities.

Bill for Hill
It was speculated that if Hillary Clinton were elected President, her husband Bill would be appointed to serve out her expired Senate term. Oh great, then we'll have TWO sets of interns we'll need to look out for.

AIDS Cure?
Gambia's President Yahya Jammeh is claiming that his concoction of green herbal paste and bananas can cure AIDS. It sounds crazy, but Pfizer is having him killed just in case.


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