Sunday, February 11, 2007

Anna's Battles
In addition to the paternity battle over the late Anna Nicole Smith's daughter, there's also a legal dispute over the Bahamas mansion where she lived during her final months. And just today, some guys from the plastic surgeon's office tried to repo her last set of breast implants.

Heavy Snow
People in the upstate New York town of Oswego are hoping for a break in the weather after more than 115 inches of snow has fallen in the last several days. But you know, I've been to Oswego and believe me, it looks a lot better covered in snow.

Iran Evidence
The U.S. military presented evidence Sunday that shows Iran is behind bombings that have killed at least 170 U.S. troops in Iraq. But no one in America is likely to care unless the military can also prove the Iranians killed Anna Nicole Smith.

Iran Evidence II
Iran's foreign minsiter says the U.S. has "obviously fabricated" the evidence against his country. But that's impossible since Scooter Libby has been too busy with his trial.

Home Depot CEO
In response to investor outrage, Home Depot says its new CEO will be paid a fraction of his predecessor's salary. But other big businesses say paying less will only produce less-qualified workers, which is why they also strongly support raising the minimum wage. Oh wait, they're against that... NEVERMIND!


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