Sunday, November 05, 2006

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Saddam Sentenced
An Iraqi court has sentenced Saddam Hussein to death. It's not clear what would be the easiest way to execute him; hanging, lethal injection, or just letting him walk the streets of Baghdad during suicide car bombing hours.

Saddam Sentenced II
An Iraqi court has sentenced Saddam Hussein to death. The announcement led to celebrations in both the Shiite and Sunni communities, who had been afraid they were running out of reasons to kill each other.

Saddam Sentenced III
During his sentencing, Saddam Hussein repeatedly shouted at the judge and interrupted anyone else who wanted to talk. If he can get a reprieve, he'd have a hack of a career as a right-wing radio host.

Doogie Comes Out
Actor Neil Patrick Harris, best-known as TV's "Doogie Howser," has publicly announced that he is gay. Harris says he made his sexuality public to dispel growing rumors that he was an Evangelical minister.

Gay Marriage on the Ballot
On Tuesday, Americans in several states will vote on gay marriage ballot initiatives. Currently, the only Americans who can legally marry gay men are the wives of Evangelical pastors.

White House-Haggard
The Bush administration is trying to downplay disgraced Evangelical Pastor Ted Haggard's connection to the White House. Spokesmen are insisting that Haggard was only close to the 10 or 12 closeted gay men on the President's staff.


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