Monday, September 18, 2006

Muslim Reaction
In reaction to Pope Benedict XVI's quotation of a text calling Muslims violent, an Italian nun has been shot to death in Somalia and five churches were firebombed in the West Bank and one in Iraq. Proving once again that the best way to react to your religion being called violent is to go out and commit acts of violence.

Top 5 Other Things Pope Benedict Said to Offend Muslims

5) “Because of you people, I can’t even bring my holy water in my carry-on bags”

4) “Hey when it comes to making women wear ugly outfits, the burka makes a nun’s habit look like a string bikini”

3) “You know what?... the Pope Mobile is now a hybrid car!”

2) “Jamie Farr was totally the weak link on M*A*S*H”

1) “Those damn Muslim terrorists are distracting me from bashing gay people!”

Pope Clarification
The Pope says he really just wants an open and honest dialogue with Muslims. But unfortunately, Benedict doesn't speak terrorist.

Box Office Winner
The football flick "Gridiron Gang," about a team of prison convicts, was number one at the box office this weekend. Usually to see a bunch of criminals on a football field, you just have to watch the Oklahoma game on TV.

McGreevey Book
Former New Jersey Governor Jim McGreevey has new autobiography out titled "The Confession." In it, he admits that the only thing more embarrassing than getting caught having a gay love affair, was getting caught being the governor of New Jersey.

GOP Compromise?
There are signs of a compromise in the bitter political fight over terrorist interrogations that pits President George W. Bush against members of his own Republican Party. The deal being proposed is that the GOP Senators will support the President's position on questioning enemy combatants, as long as he promises not to show up at any of their campaign rallies.


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