Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Barlow's Comparison
Following his trade from the 49ers, New York Jets running back Kevan Barlow is likening San Francisco Head Coach Mike Nolan to Adolf Hitler. Of course that kind of comparison is ridiculous, Hitler had a much better defense.

Top 5 Adolf Hitler Football Coaching Innovations

5) The Blitz

4) Desperation pass with no time left, (AKA the "Heil Hitler")

3) Shotgun formation

2) Eliminating all Jews from pro football, (still in effect today)

1) The Suicide play

Bush Meeting
President Bush had a special meeting in the Oval Office today with Katrina survivor Rockey Vaccarella of Meraux, Louisiana. Before today, Mr. Bush had not known any of the storm's victims were white.

Flight Turned Around
A Northwest Airlines flight from Amsterdam to India was called back to Holland after Dutch police say 12 passengers on the plane exhibited "unusual behvaior for airline travelers"... yeah, they looked happy.


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