Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Refugees Return
Now that a cease fire is in place, hundreds of thousands of civilians are returning to South Lebanon... or as Hezbollah calls them: reinforcements.

Bush on Hezbollah
President Bush says Hezbollah "suffered a defeat" in the war with Israel... but only because those Pakistani guys in London stole their thunder.

More Rockets
About 10 rockets were fired inside southern Lebanon late Monday. Experts say Hezbollah fired the rockets because the cease fire agreement they signed doesn't say anything about them ceasing to get Lebanese civilians killed.

Wallace Interviews Ahmadinejad
Millions watched Mike Wallace interview Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad on 60 Minutes Sunday night... well, Wallace wasn't interviewing him as much as he was asking him for a date.

Wallace Interview II
60 Minutes correspondent Mike Wallace says he was really taken aback by how "smart and attractive" Ahmadinejad was... apparently, the interview was arranged by eHarmony.com.

Costner Field of Dreams
Actor Kevin Costner returned to the famous "Field of Dreams" in Iowa this weekend. It was all part of a tour sponsored by Netflix, where actors return to the locations of their most popular films, and also try to find exactly where it is that they lost their talent.

Barbaro Recovery
Kentucky Derby winner Barbaro is now taking daily outings outside his intensive-care stall to pick his own grass, stretch his recovering legs, and go on TV to blame Israel for his injuries.


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