Monday, December 08, 2008

Thain Bonus Demand
Despite the fact that an almost bankrupt Merrill Lynch was forced to sell itself to Bank of America, Merrill CEO John Thain still wants a $10 million bonus for this year. That's kind of like being forced to tip the guy who's repossessing your car.

Obama's Plan
President-elect Obama says his massive infrastructure spending plan will get America working again... as long as we're all willing to work as ditch diggers.

Dodd Attacks Wagoner
Senator Chris Dodd says GM chief Rick Wagoner should step down. It's not clear if Dodd said that because he thinks Wagoner is a bad manager, or because he wants to use his private jet.

Auto Czar?
Congress and the White House are debating creating an "auto czar" who would oversee a restructuring of the industry. So far, the only candidate who makes sense is Dr. Kevorkian.

Tribune in Trouble
The Tribune Company is close to declaring bankruptcy. It turns out the only perennial loser the company owns that anyone wanted to buy was the Chicago Cubs.

Sooners Win
Oklahoma routed Missouri 62-21 to win the Big 12 championship Saturday. The Sooners had two huge motivators: a loss would have kept them out of the BCS title game and it would have also forced the players to actually go back to class.


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