Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Fed Makes a Move
The Fed has made an emergency interest rate cut to try to get the economy going again. This had better work, because the next move is giving out food stamps.

Hannah Montana Bash
Miley Cyrus celebrated her 16th birthday in front of a huge crowd at Disneyland last night. Actually, it wasn't a birthday party as much as it was a massive pedophile sting operation.

Presidential Debate
Last night's debate between John McCain and Barack Obama was in the "Town Hall" format, so each candidate got a chance to field live questions from average citizens... and then ignore them too.

Experts say both candidates failed to deliver a "knockout punch" in last night's debate... disappointing millions of Americans who really wanted to see someone deck Tom Brokaw.

AIG Splurge
Six days after the government rescued AIG with an $85 billion loan, the insurance company spent $443,000 on a week-long trip for agents... but that was just what it cost to gas up the tour bus.


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