Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Stonehenge Mystery Solved
Two British archeologists say they have uncovered the core reason behind the construction of Stonehenge. They insist the crude rock formations were a temporary shelter for ancient Britons who defaulted on their subprime mortgages.

Bailout Wait
Wall Street is complaining that Congress is too slow to pass their bailout plan. It's especially agonizing for investment bankers to wait this long when it only took Wall Street a couple of days to ruin the whole economy.

Oil Surges
As stocks continue to crash, oil prices are posting record gains the last few days. It's not clear is this is about supply and demand, or because all the former Wall Street investment bankers are now working as gas station attendants.

Fall of the Giants
Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley will no longer be investment banks and are now just regular commercial banks. But to keep their executive bonuses high, customers will be charged $17,000 every time they use the ATM.

U.N. Speech
Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is in New York today. It's not clear whether he's here to address the U.N., or just get Iran's money out of Goldman Sachs.


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