Friday, April 11, 2008

Newseum Opens
The flashy, $450-million "Newseum" opened today in Washington, D.C. Most of that $450million has already been spent on the Katie Couric memorial.

Hillary's New Promise
Hillary Clinton says if she's elected president, she'll put 100,000 more cops on the streets... and she'll need that many to keep everyone in America from trying to kill her.

Palestine Hotel Attack
Insurgents have fired three mortar shells at the Baghdad hotel used by Western journalists this morning. It's not clear if al Qaeda was trying to attack U.S. forces or just protest what's happening to Katie Couric.

GE Misses
GE earnings for the first quarter came in surprisingly low. So the only people more disappointed than GE shareholders this morning are American Airlines passengers.

Linens & Debts
Linens 'N Things is expected to file for bankruptcy today. The company says it always did well with sales of linens, but not so much with the things.


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