Thursday, April 10, 2008

Couric Out?
CBS is reportedly preparing to axe Katie Couric any day now. Couric hasn't been treated quite like this since on the job she did that colonoscopy on live TV.

Terror Plot
China says it has uncovered a criminal ring planning to kidnap athletes at the Beijing Olympic Games. Chinese police have captured the criminals and are re-training them to attack Tibetan protesters.

More Flight Cancellations
American Airlines canceled another 900 flights today as it continues to perform safety inspections on certain jets. The only people in real danger now are American Airlines ticket agents.

United Fare Hikes
United Airlines has raised U.S. domestic fares by up to $30 round-trip.. and $60 for flights that don't end being canceled.

TSA Program
The Transportation Security Administration is launching a new X-ray system, starting in Chicago. The first thing they're going to X-ray are the heads of all the executives at American Airlines to see if there's anything there.


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