Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Jayhawks Win
Kansas pulled out an amazing comeback to defeat Memphis for the NCAA basketball championship. The only more amazing comeback would be if the Kansas players actually came back to class.

Petraeus on the Hill
General David Petraeus heads to Capitol Hill for Senate hearings on the state of the Iraq war. John McCain is expected to ask Petraeus about the surge and Hillary Clinton is expected to ask him for some good war stories she can steal.

Hillary's Demand
Hillary Clinton is demanding that President Bush skip the opening ceremonies for the Olympics in Beijing... so she can criticize him for not going four months from now.

Relay Nixed?
The International Olympic Committee is considering ending the international leg of the Beijing Olympic torch relay because of anti-Chinese protests... and because no one can afford the lighter fuel to keep the torch lit.

Speaking to the Media
Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama are speaking to the Communications Workers of America Union gathering in Washington today. Mrs. Clinton will ask the union to endorse her campaign while Obama is expected to simply ask the media workers to continue only shooting him from his good side.


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