Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Big Day
It's time to get out in the streets, get drunk, and watch the really crazy ones among us do anything just for some applause and a few beads... and after we finish all those Super Tuesday activities, we can celebrate Mardi Gras.

Obama Surging
Barack Obama continues to surge in the polls. Experts say it's because he's well-spoken, young, and if he becomes president, Al Sharpton is out of business.

Pataki for McCain
Former New York Governor George Pataki has just endorsed John McCain. Pataki can truly help the McCain campaign by never, ever, making any speeches on his behalf.

Credit Card
A new report says American banks are going to make it tougher to get credit cards; I hear they're going to use a stronger envelope sealant on the 1,500 credit card offers mailed to my house every week.

Chinese Blackout
Eleven electrical workers have died while trying to restore power to Chinese provinces hit by the country's worst snow storm in 50 years. That doesn't include the 5,000 Chinese political prisoners who were set on fire to heat the local government buildings.

Toyota Sales
Toyota reported a 7.5% rise in sales for the fourth quarter of 2007, as the company sold thousands of cars to GM and Ford workers who needed a more reliable way to get to work.

Stimulus Delay
The U.S. Senate voted 80-4 last night to cut off debate on the $146 billion economic stimulus plan, but postponed a final vote until at least Wednesday as the Senators desperately try to see if there's room in the plan for another pay raise for themselves.

Knight Retires
Legendary college basketball coach Bobby Knight has retired. Knight wants to rest, reflect, and spend more time beating his wife.


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