Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Benedict in Turkey
Muslim protests died down as Pope Benedict XVI began his controversial visit to Turkey Tuesday. In the spirit of mutual understanding, the demonstrators decided to stop focusing on Christians and get back to hating Jews.

Benedict's Excuse
Pope Benedict began his bridge-building visit to Turkey on the right foot by apologizing for not coming sooner... but then he ruined it when he said the reason was that he's been afraid to fly ever since 9/11.

Home Prices Slump
The real estate market is cooling, but despite falling prices, the actual number of home sales are on the rise. Experts say that's because no matter how volatile the housing market gets, Americans still prefer living indoors.

Civil War Talk
NBC News announced this week that from now on it will refer to the conflict in Iraq as a civil war, despite the White House's refusal to label it that way. But NBC is still caving in to White House pressure by continuing to refer to Mr. Bush as "the President."

Top 5 White House Euphemisms for the Iraqi Civil War

5) "Arabs Gone Wild!"

4) "Smash-Up Derby... with Car Bombs"

3) "Operation Iraqi Spat"

2) "Terror Bowl 3"

1) "Black Monday thru Friday"

Why They Split
Troubles between Pam Anderson and Kid Rock began last month after the couple attended a screening of the Borat movie. Kid Rock thought the movie was "too high brow."

Britney's Distractions
Ever since Britney Spears began partying with Paris Hilton, she has stopped work on her new album. And you thought Paris Hilton wasn't good for anything!

The Pill... for Men!
British scientists have developed a contraceptive pill for men that is effective if taken a few hours before sex. The pill is not recommended for elderly men, men with high blood pressure, and the overly-optimistic.


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