Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Longer Tours
The Pentagon said Thursday that 3,800 US soldiers will be staying in Iraq about six weeks beyond their one-year combat tours. But that's only because it'll take security at least that long to go through all their carry-on bags.

Pope's Olive Branch
In hopes of ending anger in the Islamic world over his remarks on holy war, Pope Benedict told Muslim envoys Monday that their two faiths must overcome historic enmities and work together against the Jews.

UVA Early Admits
The University of Virginia announced Monday that it would drop it's early-decision admissions process. But the school emphasized that students who want to get drunk before starting school there can still do so on their own at any time.

Martin's Crusade
Ricky Martin testified before Congress Tuesday as part of his campaign for better laws and more money to combat global trafficking in children. Tomorrow, he's going to rat out his managers from Menudo.

Allen's Denial
Virginia Senator George Allen is denying that he frequently used the N-word in public in the 1970's and 80's. Now that he's found out that he's Jewish, Allen is insisting the only word he used was "schvartza."


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